seaton trip to france 2015 travel blog

An Eze kitty

Walking to the old town

Airport right on the water, very busy

Walking to the old town

Walking to the old town

Just in case you don'tlike salt water while at the beach.

What, no white one? :-)

Got up earlier then most French people this morning and drove to Eze. Got back just in time to hit rush hour :-( Even with a gps driving in the cities is a real challenge. Got home just in time for breakfast and a......nap :-)

Went for walk to the old city to visit their flower market, took the promenade. Stopped at the tourist office where we were told the market closed at 16:00. She lied.

Had a huge pizza for lunch, there are a kizillion Italien restaurants here.

Went for a swim, more like a wet thrashing. The waves were mighty and I was tossed around.

a wee bit. Just getting in and out on the rocky beach without looking like a fool takes luck.

On our walk home found a bar that that a rotisserie, and guess what was going around in it? Chicken.

Guess what we had for dinner?


Speaking of chicken, I'm not sure what they feed them here but, none of the stores refrigerate the eggs.

People complain about the price of meals here, but you can do it fairly inexpensively, if you look around. I think being able to speak French would help a bit too! :-)

Just like at home, you can spend all the money you have or not. It's the same here. Plus you don't have to tip so much here either which can make a big difference.

Came home and unwound watching NARCO on netflix :-)

The end.

p.s. last day of R/R then it's back in the whip :-)

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