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Carpe Diem at Wasach View RV

From Price we drove along US 6
The highway cuts thru the mountains...

Another view along US 6

And yet another view

On the west side of the pass we see the La Sal...

The picnic is over... Time to play in traffic

We have yet to drive thru Salt Lake City without construction

The Salt Lake City skyline

Fri, 01 May: A beautiful drive, and then traffic...

Despite being parked right on Price's Main Street the traffic did quiet down and we both had a restful nite. Staying "for free" at Wal*Mart does have its costs. First is the fact that we always go into the store and buy stuff. Second, it is usually noisy, and the Price Wally was no exception on either point.

We awoke when we awoke and enjoyed a quiet breakfast. Since we hadn't moved out of "travel mode" or disconnected the car, getting ready to hit the road was fairly expedient. Checking the tire pressure was probably the most time consuming pre-departure task.

Bob rolled wheels two minutes past nine and we rejoined US 6 and continued west. The route west of Price starts to climb thru the La Sal Mountains. We climbed from Price's 5,500' elevation to well over 7,600' before starting the descent into the Salt Lake valley. The scenery was remarkable and the road paralleled a mail rail line and a river.

All too soon, some sixty miles into the trip, US 6 intersects Interstate 15. We took the Interstate north toward Provo, Salt Lake City, and Ogden. It is a ninety mile stretch with nonstop traffic and, as is the norm, several major construction projects. Bob kept Carpe between the white lines and we plodded north.

Slow and sure does it, and a few minutes after noon we pulled into the Wasatch View RV park in Ogden. We've stayed here several times in the past and find this Passport America full service facility works for us. It isn't fancy and the majority of sites are occupied by manufactured homes with permanent residents. For us it is close to family, shopping, and we get 50% off with Passport America.

We got set up and warmed some leftovers for lunch. The one thing we miss the most when we are boondocking is the ability to throw something into the microwave for a quick warmup. Yes, the microwave works on the inverter, but it is such a drain on the batteries that we tend not to use it.

Today's statistics: We drove 161 miles and averaged slightly more than eight miles per gallon. Given the verticality of our route that "ain't too shabby"!

OK, plans?!? We'll be here till Monday visiting with family. Then north and west thru southern Idaho into east central Oregon. We expect to be in the Bend Thousand Trails midweek and then continue toward the coast. At least that's what we're thinking, but who know what'll actually happen? Stay tuned...

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