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80ยบ temperatures returned to central Florida, but we chose today to leave. So did many other rigs. It's the weekend and February is over so theoretically conditions are right for some of us to return home.

Our departure was far from auspicious. We barely left the campsite and hooked up the car and bad things started happening. Given the fact that we have made numerous changes during the six weeks we were here, there were many variables to sort out as the alarms sounded. Most disappointing was the fact that the professionals who installed Air Force One, our new braking system for times when we are hitched together, did not reattach some part of the system well. This means that we are constantly losing air, which the coach uses to power the brakes and as part of the shock absorber system. Luckily the pump brings in more air faster than the leak so we could drive forward once we pumped back up and the alarm stopped sounding. At the same moment a dash board monitor lit up. We paged through the handbook, but could not find an explanation for that particular inscrutable symbol. We phoned the Freightliner helpline and tested its 24/7 promises and the tech had to page around in his own manual, before he told us that it was showing that the over-the-air TV antenna was still up. There are countless stories about RV'ers driving off and forgetting to crank down their antennas, but ours was sitting snuggly in the stored position on the roof. Ken replaced this antenna with a better one purchased at the Tampa Super Show, but there must be something in the alarm system that needs to be deactivated. Since he will be at Freightliner next week, he could safely drive on ignoring the warning light. It had nothing to do with the air leak, which hopefully will also be an easy fix for them. Whew!!

Once we got underway we heard a deafening whooshing sound as it we were in the middle of a serious storm. Then we remembered that we had talked to someone who had installed a new CB antenna as Ken just did and had to put an old tennis ball on the rod to change the aerodynamics of the wind passing by. Annoying, but nothing serious. At least the new convection oven didn't fall out of the wall during the drive.

We are camped in a new modern campsite that is a convenient overnight stop for folks traveling I-95, but we will be here a few days exploring an area that is new to us. The sites are not as beautiful as the ones we just left, but we have a clear shot to the southern sky for the satellite dish and all the utilities work well. By tomorrow the warm front should reach us here and (almost) all will be well with the world.

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