Larry & Cheryl's 2013 Travels travel blog

Heading to Pasco, WA

We are climbing

We are high in the tree line

Back down into farmland and valleys

Malheur forest

Climbing in elevation again

View from this summit

Yep, lots of winding roads

Coming back down to lowland again

More farmland and valleys

Up and over again

Now higher hills with evergreens

Umatilla Forest

. . . and down we go again

This river is our traveling companion

Passing the 45th Parallel

This is the Ukaih-Dale Scenic Corridor

Interesting cliffs

More Buttes

This river is our traveling companion

Up onto another forested mountain

. . . and back down to farmland

We are on the Battle Mountain Scenic Corridor now

The hills are smoothing out

At the higher altitudes they have snow drift catchers

Rolling grassy hills

Finally descending

Cowboys rounding up the cattle

Buttes appear, nearing the Columbia River

McKay Reservoir

Crossing the Columbia

McNary Hydroelectric Dam

Welcome to Washington

Our campground

Heading to Pasco

Several bridges across several rivers

Capp, Laurie & Larry = Cousins

Rick & Capp minding the grill

Laurie & Rick with Larry

Laurie sharing the family photos with us & brother, Capp

Lisa & Capp with Rick & Laurie

Leaving John Day, OR in the mountains, we drove down into a valley, then up to into the mountains. . . . down, up, down, up all day long. There were some wide valleys with ranches and lots of forests. This part of the drive is called the Ukiah-Dale Scenic Corridor.

We came around a curve on the highway to find a herd of cattle being worked by a couple of cowboys. It was so quick that I almost missed my photo op.

We knew we were nearing the Columbia River Gorge when we started seeing buttes. Then we crossed over the Columbia into Washington State and found our RV park in Pasco. Unfortunately due to several events going on it the area, this was all there was left and it was a dump, full of permanent residents. Oh well, it was full hook ups.

After settling in and freshening up we drove over to Larry’s cousin Laurie & Rick's for a family BBQ. Laurie’s daughter, Andrea & husband Jesse were there with their 4 small children, along with the other daughter, Olivia, and Laurie’s brother Capp & his wife, Lisa.

We had a great time with Larry’s new found family. Everyone was fun and very welcoming. They shared old family photos & gave Larry his birth father's Navy Log (which was very emotional for Larry, and spread to the cousins). We took a stack of photos home to scan and return the next day.

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