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As is so often the case with damper, something more seemed promised...

Sunrise at Terry Smith lookout...

... worth getting up and sitting beside the highway for!


Our one night in Karumba felt like longer and so we weren't too sad to be moving on again the next morning, back through Normanton on our way towards Mt Isa.

We stopped at the Burke and Wills Roadhouse for fuel and ended up pulling up at another free rest area for the night - Terry Smith lookout. No idea who Terry is but his lookout is a nice place to spend the night.

The kids had been keen for a fire for a while so we made one without much wood (there wasn't much around) and the resulting efforts at damper were pretty disappointing.

Sunset and sunrise were both great there, and Sal ands the kids got up to sit beside the highway and watch the sun creep up.

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