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7th June, 2013

This is our last day in Charters Towers.

We sent a quiet morning at the van, packing up what could be done ready for leaving tomorrow.

We went to the Doctor at 2.30 and while we were waiting there was this very very old man in white leaning on the counter and I thought surely this couldn’t be the doctor. Soon found out that he was because he called us in. His name was Dr. Yandopdenbosch and his nationality is a mystery.

He proceeded to tell us that he was 90 years old and when he asked me what was wrong I told him I had the “wog” and he said he didn’t deal with names just symptoms. We had a bit of a laugh about that and he wrote out all the scripts that we needed and also some antibiotics which I hope will do the trick.

We have enjoyed our stay in The Towers as the locals call it. Everyone we have had to deal with was very pleasant and couldn’t do enough to help out when they could.

We will be more than happy to include this town on any future trips North.

Between the van park and town there is the biggest aged care facility that I think I have ever seen. It even puts our local Sarah Claydon facility in the shade.

It has a beautiful aspect, the complex would, I estimate, take up a good 15 acres and all the grounds are lush and tropical and each unit seems to have their own little court yard. If the staff there are half as good as the people we have dealt with while being here then it would be a very nice place to be when the time came.

8th June, 2013

We left The Towers this morning and headed for McCrossin Park, a whole 15 or so ks east, such an exhausting trip. LOL

McCrossin Park is on the banks of the Burdekin River and covers a fairly large area.

We found our campsites and settled in.

I’m still not feeling up to scratch so I didn’t join Blue on his little trek around to see what was what and where things were.

There are two railway bridges over the river, one old one not in use and the new one.

We weren’t there very long when a train came along hauling lots of freight carriages which I assume would be carrying coal. Three engines, two pulling and one half way down, so that gives you an idea of just how long this train was. Even after the two engines at the front had cleared the bridge the last carriage hadn’t even got on the bridge.

9th June, 2013

Blue and I went for a walk this morning from one end of the park to the other along the river bank. It really is quite nice but very hard to take pictures as the bank is fairly steep but Blue managed to get some nice shots when he went up on the railway bridge later in the day.

When the river is in full flow it isn’t hard to imagine just how much water would be coming downstream. The sand flats opposite where we camped were quite extensive and the river part that was still running you couldn’t even see from where we were.

We didn’t do all that much for the rest of the day and about an hour before sundown a coaster van pulled in between us and the next bloke up and we didn’t think that was too bad and then low and behold a 4 X 4 pulled in between us and the coaster. They seemed to know each other.

I only just had room to open the dining area window without actually hitting the side of his truck. There was room to spare and some across the way from where we were but they had to park right on top of us and also the bloke on the other side of them wouldn’t have had much room to move either.

10th June, 2013

Fire wood is very scarce here but our blokes managed to get enough for us to last the three nights we are here.

Honestly, we must be magnets. ANOTHER bloke and his wife pulled in between us and the next bloke up. I don’t think I would like to be travelling with either one of them actually. He is all for free camping and she WANTS A SHOWER. She then proceeded to ring ahead to Cairns and booked a park for TWO nights at $30 per night. He hit the roof and said she should have only booked one as $30 a night was far too much. He should count himself lucky as that price is very reasonable for up there. I think we paid $35 when we were there four years ago.

The part that got me was that she booked it for TOMORROW night so they have a mighty long trip ahead of them tomorrow. I think it was Carolyn that overheard him telling someone that the day before they had done 950ks or some ridiculous amount like that. He obviously hasn’t adapted to “retirement mode” and I would hazard a guess that his retirement would have been quite some years ago.

11th June, 2013

Another arduous day ahead of us. 55ks or thereabouts to travel. I just don’t know how long we will be able to keep up this pace……………………..giggle.

We are camped at the Reid River Rest Area about half way between McCrossin Park and Townsville.

I am glad we got here early as there was not a lot of room or places to choose from to set up camp. We managed to just pull off the entry road and be able to park parallel to The Gnome and we now have our own little courtyard formed by our two awnings overlapping each other.

One of the other campers came over mid-afternoon to tell us that there was a snake headed for our area. Only a small one but it was a brown. I called Blue and The Gnome and just as they were looking to see where it was a magpie swooped down and got it and proceeded to dispatch it…….I LIKE THAT MAGPIE. LOL.

Blue went for a walk down along the Reid River and got some nice shots. I AM NOT going to walk down there through the long grass. End of question!!!!!

It has been overcast and drizzly rain most of the day but it has been rather pleasant sitting out in our courtyard reading and chatting with our friends. I am so glad we decided to do this trip together. It is nice to be able to share experiences and at the same time be able to go and do our own things without living in each other’s pockets all the time. Thanks Greg and Carolyn.

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