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Day 13: Tuesday 9 April

Dalhousie Springs to Erldunda / Sunny and hot

Day 13 of our break

We woke up early and started the day with scenic walk around a hill, the views of the surrounding country were stunning, at one stage we were very surprised to see a dingo staring at us (the ninth dingo I have seen in this trip). We ended the walk with a lovely hot swim in the mound spring.

We got back on the rocky road, a person has told us that this road was not as bad as the road we went on yesterday, but we quickly discovered they were wrong. This road (dirt track) was dreadful, we could only travel at about 10km/hr.

Finally we reached Mt dare pub and petrol station, but unfortunately they had run out of diesel a few days ago, they were expecting the tanker later today. Luckily we still had plenty of diesel so we just stopped in and asked advice about the road conditions. We had planned on going to Chambers Pillars but we were warned that the road there was even worse, so sadly we had to change our plans on miss out on Chambers Pillars.

We headed off and crossed over the border from South Australia into Northern territory. The next town that had diesel was a town called Finke. We were amazed driving into this town. At first we couldn’t find any petrol stations when we found it didn’t look like one, the bowsers were all kept inside steel mesh cages. You needed to pay for your diesel first, then a person served you. This town is an Aboriginal community, we drove around the small town whilst looking for the petrol station and saw most houses were very run down and had lots of rubbish in their yards, and one house had 3 horses in its front yard. There were many dogs off leashes roaming the streets and in the petrol station shop. We didn’t feel safe in this town.

Finally we were travelling on a much better dirt road, we arrived at Kulgera in the early afternoon, we considered camping here for the night but decided as we had time on our hands to try to get closer to Alice Springs. We were able to fill up the car with diesel here. We were heading to set up camp at Henbury Meteorite Crater. Mum and dad bought us some hot chips from Kulgera which were delicious, a highlight of our day!

We were delighted when we finally reached sealed road, this was the first sealed road we had travelled on for days.

After about 80km from Kulgera the Atkins radioed us to say that they were pulling off the road as their car was overheating. We turned around to go back to see if we could help. Their car was leaking a lot of water, it looked like a problem with the radiator. We started praying over this situation and God quickly answered our prayers. A man stopped and asked if he could help, it turned out he knew a lot about cars. He said that two screws had been shaken loose and caused a crack in the radiator. Luckily Erldunda Roadhouse was only 12km away so the nice man towed their car and camper with his ute to the roadhouse. We travelled behind, watching nervously, it was quite a sight! On arrival at the roadhouse, the man was able to buy some special glue and fix the radiator.

By this time it was late so we decided to camp here for the night. Unfortunately it wasn’t a very nice place to stay. We had dinner and went to bed after an eventful day

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