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Today we leave Viterbo and head for Tuscany and a small town called Certaldo. Wouldn't you know it, first lousy day for weather - cold (4 degrees), overcast, blowing a gale and raining - perfect weather for travelling on unfamiliar roads in a unfamiliar car, ande relying solely on a GPS system to get us there (who said there was no adventure left in the world!!).

Anyway, the GPS successfully guides us out of the hotel and onto the Autostrada - a tip for budding travelers, don't try and drive in Europe without a GPS system, you'll never find your way out of the airport!!

Despite the rain and cold, it proves to be quite a pleasant trip to our next destination. The freeway system in Italy is great, as long as you drive like a local- fast and furious.

After about 2 hours driving we arrive at Certaldo. A quick reprogramming of the GPs and we soon find ourselves at Hotel Latini, our home for the next couple of days. the owner greets us warmly and offers a cup of coffee to settle in with. the restaurant is full and the food smells amazing so we decided to have a spot of lunch before going up to the room. If you think you have had good Italian food before, then you're kidding yourself. The lunch was amazingly good, nothing back home even comes close to it (not even in Sydney Warren wink wink).

We'll probable spend the rest of the day settling in, saving our exploring for tomorrow.

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