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Carpe in Hondo, TX Escapees park

Wildflowers along US 83

We passed thru Leakey, TX on US 83

Bob checks the solar panels for dirt and dust

D'Hanis, TX main street

D'Hanis, TX

BBQ smoker in D'Hanis

D'Hanis main street

Taqueria Mexican Resturant

Carmen's family had attended the Fiesta

Sandi enjoys Chacho Margaurita

Chacho nacho
This is a "smaller" portion

A half Chacho burrito

A sign in Hondo, TX

Thu, 25 Apr: We had a very restful nite boondocking a bit south if I 10 on TX 290. It was very isolated and there was virtually no noise or light to disturb us. Regrettably, Bob didn't feel well and didn't sleep as well as he would have. He thinks he has some sort of stomach "bug".

We've moved into the Central time zone so dawn didn't break until well after seven. Add to that the fact that it was quite overcast we stayed in bed a bit later than usual. Once awake we made tea and then breakfast. Bob was still feeling pretty "punk" so we got ready to roll a bit slower than usual. Sandi took the wheel since Bob wasn't quite up to the task. Wheels turned about 0815.

We continued east on I 10 for another hundred miles and then transitioned to US 83 south. US 83 is a two lane highway that cuts through rolling hills at the north. There was only one construction zone and very little traffic. The wildflowers were in bloom and kept our eyeballs roving from shoulder to shoulder.

Seventy miles later we cut the corner on TX 137 to US 90. US 90 is a major east-west route through southern Texas and is four lanes in this section. We stopped for lunch at a rest stop and then on to the Escapees Park in Hondo, TX. We arrived a bit before two and got checked in and parked on a spacious, level, gravel site. Today's run was 225 miles with a computed 9.0 mpg.

Our dear friends Carmen and Domingo Davila are here and it was great to reconnect with them. Bob rested in the coach while Sandi went visiting and catching up. We went to a very nice local Mexican restaurant for dinner and the food was very good.

It is now almost nine as this is written and, once it is posted, it'll be time for long, hot showers and bed. No need to get up early tomorrow so we're looking forward to some down time.

Sat, 27 Apr: We've been busy, busy, busy. Carmen and Davila have been squiring us about San Antonio as if we were visiting royalty. Domingo insists on doing the driving and we're enjoying sitting back and enjoying the sights.

Friday we drove into San Antonio for sightseeing. Domingo showed us around Lackland Air Force Base where he was stationed during a tour of duty in the sixties. We even wandered around the Base Exchange but didn't buy anything.

Then lunch at Tink-A-Tako, a local chain that serves very authentic TexMex food. Then more sightseeing, but we had to abort due to congestion due to the Fiesta. We decided we'll try again next week. We dined "in" at our coach and enjoyed the company.

Today Bob got on the roof to clean the solar panels. This is a new ongoing maintenance task we need to undertake to keep them functioning well. Since the coach was so dusty during our drive from Arizona we thought the panels might be also. Apart from bird droppings the panels were pretty clean. Meanwhile, Sandi wiped down the coach to remove the dust and road grime. Carpe is shining again.

Later in the morning we drove to D'Hanis, a small community a few miles west of the park. They were having a Barbeque cookoff and we decided to see what was about. The cookers were going full steam, but no food till later in the afternoon. Nevertheless, we had a fun time wandering around visiting with the folks and taking pictures of this very picturesque town.

Some shopping at the local groceries and then back to the park. Happy hour at Davilas and then home for a lite dinner.

Sun, 28 Apr: Morning was laundry time. After a lite lunch we drove into San Antonio to visit Sam's and Costco. Then more touring and sightseeing.

We met with Carmen's extended family at Taqueria Mexico Restaurant. Carmen's family was very friendly and made us feel very welcome. The food was very, very good and the Mariachi Band (mostly women) excellent. We talked, ate, talked, and ate some more. It was dusk when we finally left and well after dark by the time Domingo pulled up to our coach and dropped us off.

Mon, 29 Apr: A really lazy day as we got a very late start. The sun doesn't come up until about 0700 so we tend to sleep in while it's still dark. Today, however, we didn't get out of bed until 0800 or so and really enjoyed a lazy morning. The fact that it was a Monday Morning made it doubly enjoyable.

After lunch Domingo again drove to San Antonio where we visited the Marketplace. This is an area of town we've never visited so it was all new for us. Stall after stall of gee-gaws, trinkets, T-shirts, etc., etc. We spent several hours roaming up and down the aisles and, hooray, we didn't buy a single thing.

Then to Chachos Restaurant, a place at which we dined during our 2008 trip through town. The Davila's have never eaten here, so we got to introduce it to them.

We recall it as being very good in '08 and it was still good. The portions are huge and the Davilas both had extras. We'd ordered half size portions which more than satisfied our dinner cravings.

Tue, 30 Apr: This morning we did laundry so we would be caught up and current. Our plans are to heave the Escapees park in Hondo tomorrow and relocate to the Elks Lodge in San Antonio. It is more centrally located and should be more convenient for visiting and shopping.

The Davilas will also leave tomorrow and head east to Livingston. We plan to head to Livingston later in the week or during the weekend. We have some visiting to do first so our exact ETD is, as yet, undetermined.

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