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A 2 day stop here. Cheap food, cheap beer and hot hot hot.

Leon is where taxis go to die. The one we took to the bus station from Managua had loose axles so we bobbed up and down independently of the front of the car like a circus clown car. The driver who brought us back from the beach screamed with delight at his ' car fantastico!' as his door flew open whilst turning a corner. The driver we took to the bus station to leave we had to pay through the window as his door was welded shut. Of course we wear seatbelts but that's essentially lashing ourselves to a piece of the car that usually isn't attached to the rest of the vehicle any way.

Did I mention the beer is cheap. 50 p a bottle or £1 a litre!

A great bustly town Leon and we also spent a long day on a practically deserted ( apart from the occasional pack of dogs) beach. Swimming in a warm estuary and Andy hitting the surf - actually it was the surf hitting Andy. A lot.

The power struggles continue as we now compete as to who can remember the way back to the hostel the fastest. After circumnavigating the same couple of blocks for 30 minutes even the amputee sat on the corner grew tired of our incompetence. After we passed him for the third time he waved his crutch in the right direction shouting ' hostel hostel' !

Granada next.

Big dog breakdown

Leon: Nicaraguan surf 1 Big Dog 0 ( tail firmly between his legs)

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