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Adams House from Canal

Sunset at the Adams Home


Positively Buoyant

Marker 88

"No Peckerheads"- Snappers Grill

Cracking Stone Crabs

Backing Out


October 23-26, 2012

There’s nothing nicer than seeing your friends after an extended absence! We drove to the Key Largo home of Leslie and Carlie Adams and in a feat bordering on the superhuman, Bob was able to wedge Pottsluck between the Adams’ house and a hedge on the side yard. The nice part about the parking job was that the coach was protected from Tropical Storm Sandy (not a hurricane at that time).

The Adams home is lovely with its main living area consisting of three bedrooms and two baths, a kitchen and living room on the second floor. There is a lovely screened porch that looks out on the canal in "front" of the house. Our room was homey and pretty and after being in the coach for so long, the bathroom seemed as big as our living room and dining room combined. Talk about great hosts! They even had a typed agenda ready for our time there. Of course, it was a little disconcerting to read “Navigation Practice” aka “find your way out of the mangrove swamps” as an activity. The agenda was hysterical but I’ll let Les or Carlie explain the history to those of you who know them.

We got to experience Captain Carlie at the helm of the pleasure cruiser “Positively Buoyant” as he masterfully navigated the lovely canals of Key Largo. We kayaked some of the same canals as well and got the boat’s eye view of the homes and boats. The homes are all quite different; some spectacular with landscaping, pools and boats of the rich and famous while others are “double-wides” that have seen better days.

Of course, time spent with Les and Carlie would not be “normal” if we didn’t eat and drink our way through Key Largo. It was the Bayside Grill (Snappers) for lunch one day, Island Grill and its tuna nachos (to die for) for lunch another day and Marker 88 to help Les and Carlie celebrate their 32nd anniversary with their friends Pat and Christina. Marker 88 was a great restaurant. I had hogfish; a first for me and it was wonderful. Bob had a seafood penne dish. The Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Lava cake were awesome but Leslie’s homemade Key Lime Pie was much better.

Though we weren’t able to do as much as originally planned because of Tropical Storm (now hurricane) Sandy, we still got to go shopping and just hang out which was really nice. On the last night, we ate stone crabs; an incredible delicacy. Talk about delicious! We will definitely be back!!!!! (if invited). Of course, BYOH (bring your own house) does make one more welcome.

Thanks to Leslie and Carlie for a great time as usual!

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