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August 10

Uncle Pelle and Grammar pulled in the crayfish traps this morning. We caught around 20 animals. Some were too small and had to go back but we added the big ones to the ones we caught earlier in the week.

Mia, Grammar and I cleaned the outhouse within an inch of its life. The neighbour lady, hearing us, came and asked Grammar about moving the buckets of waste. Fortunately, Grammar and I could not speak Swedish so Hugo and Uncle Pelle sorted it out.

After lunch, we went to Askeberga, " ship burial" site with 24 huge stones positioned in the shape of a ship. It was a lovely, evocative site - not peaceful due to two small persons climbing on the stones and playing hide and seek - but nevertheless magical.

Just as it started to rain cats and dogs again, we went to a great bakery in for more yummy treats. It is hard to find sweets here for Grammar with neither almonds nor strawberries.

We picked some wildflowers and stopped at the church in Ejeskog where Hugo's father is buried. This is a beautiful, simple church that was built in the 1200s. It has a detached steeple. The interior decoration dates from the 1700's and is amazing: intricate and scary carvings and a most ornate altar and ceiling.

We came Home to Somerhagen. Grammar and I rode our bike for its final hour and collected some purple heather.

We had the following feast:

Crayfish, both local and Chinese, cooked in salt water and dill

Fresh green salad with garlic dressing

Fresh vegetable and cheese omlette

Freshly baked bread

Schnaps and songs


Chocolate cake and black currant sauce


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