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The last time I visited Williamsburg, I was 12 and going into sixth grade. I loved it then, and I was even more intrigued now. The town is beautiful, educational, historical, and yet not overly commercial. It's amazing how well everything has been preserved, and the costumed interpreters are really good at explaining 18th century colonial life down to the smallest details. We saw two scenes of actual pre-revolutionary war events, and the actors on the street kept the drama going by interjecting their thoughts and feelings. The woman who was talking to us was the wife of a town official, who couldn't comprehend how loyalty to the crown and become treason in very short order.Some of the things I learned: hardly anyone could afford a carriage, women needed and used guns for self protection and hunting for food, babies of both genders were put into corsets at around age 1 to help them with proper posture, chicken was served with the feet still on!

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