Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

That's our oasis in the desert seen under the sign

A Route 66 tourist spot

To me, it looks more like a Roman gladiators helmet.

Shows Route 66 from one end to the other

You went to Cadillac Ranch with us

Here we are

These are the nooks and crannies in the rocks

They look just like Indian cliff dwellings

This one looks like a skeleton face

A balancing rock

Tunnels for the lizards

I don't know what the blue is beside this "honeycomb"

Hi down there!

And the sun sets on another Arizona day.

Off to Two Guns we go!

Welcome sign sort of fading


Long bridge over the canyon

Some more ruins

There's a cache at the other end of that bridge

No, we didn't drive the Dodge over the bridge!

Bob checking the ruins on the other side

We're almost at the top of the crater

That's a very deep crater next to Bob

Checking the bottom where there are remnants of geologists' camps and mule...

Bob at the bottom of the crater. (Not really; just in front...

The astronauts trained here

This is a mock-up

Today was a 167-mile journey along I-40 which was quite rough in some spots!!! We crossed the Arizona Divide (7335') around Flagstaff and you know I was wearing my O2. The Arizona Divide is high point that defines the watershed and changes the direction of the flow of water from south & east to south & west.

The high country trees of Flagstaff eventually gave way to more desert, although it's considered high desert, I guess, because of the altitude. As we neared the Meteor Crater campground, it appeared like an oasis, rising out of the desert in the distance. Pulled into the parking lot around 12:45 and while Bob was getting us registered, I found a geocache, right there! How convenient that was.

After we got set up and settled in, off we went in search of more geocaches. There was one right across I-40 so we decided to grab that quick one. Oh wow! Talk about neat "structures"!! All through this area (Winslow, Arizona) there are huge outcroppings of moenkopi sandstone. It's full of holes and nooks and crannies and looks like little miniature cliff dwellings...which, I guess, it really is but for lizards, not humans. It started raining while we were exploring so back to the house we went.


Today we went to see the meteor crater and what a sight it was! It must have taken a pretty huge backhoe to dig that hole in the ground, for sure!! I want to know why all the meteors and aliens land out west and not somewhere on the east coast.

While we were there, we had one of the geologists look at our rock that we think is a meteorite. She was very interested in it and did some preliminary tests but said that we should take it to a university and have them give it a good check-up. Some day, when we're in a town with a college with a geology department, that's just what we're going to have to do, I guess.


And today was our "explore Two Guns" day. Two Guns is a true ghost town with a long and tarnished history. We did a little exploring, took some pictures and found a geocache but didn't even begin to look for the Death Cave. We decided not to push our luck since we want to get to the East Coast in one piece!!

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