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8 August,

Arrived early afternoon at Northampton and went to Van Park. Carol said it’s a dump so I booked for 4 nights. We can drive to Horrocks and Port Gregory (they have fish and chips there) for a look around. Dined at the Miners Inn and first impressions were less than impressive, when the meals arrived they were quite nice and the drinks were cheap so what more could you want? Maybe had we timed our arrival for “Skimpy Hour?? Sort of a bit like Innot Hot Springs the venue is uninspiring but the food is very good….

The caravan park is not that bad, the ablutions are clean and we have nice grass to put our chairs on, no sullage though so it’s going to be interesting when we do a load or 27 of washing….. In 1839, Lt George Grey reported ‘favourably’ on the area. Northampton was declared a town site in 1864 and the first railway in WA from Geraldton to Northampton was laid and completed in 1879. Lead and copper mining was influential in these early days with mines being established between 1848 and 1855. Today Northampton has basic general services for the local community including Horrocks Beach. With many fine old heritage buildings it is a quaint and interesting town to wander around.

Some early wildflowers in bloom too….

9 August,

Beautiful day today which saw both of us in summer clothes. As its Thursday we did the washing and that took most of the morning then walk “uptown” then (Oh Joy Oh Rapture) Veggie burgers for lunch.

After the Veggie Burgers we drove out to Horrocks and it’s a “quaint” though very scenic small town. I put shorts and clogs on and went for a walk along the Beach with Gracie who of course wanted to have a swim but today I let her have a splash in the shallows. The drive is really very nice with vast crops of Canola in bloom so it’s a sea of bright yellow blooms as far as the eye can see…..

Returning to town we found the local railway station and museum. http://www.northampton.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=48&Itemid=65

Another 2 days here, tomorrow (while we still have great weather) we are going to visit Port Gregory and maybe if I’m a really good boy I’ll score…. Fish and chips that is for lunch….

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