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It was a long day; we arrived at the NC State Fairgrounds and settled in for a week for the Thanksgiving Holiday with the Bryant Family. When we returned to the fairgrounds after our Thanksgiving Dinner we were truly shocked to learn that our newest neighbors were 2 enormous elephants. They were parked with their 18-wheeler and handlers for 2 nights (waiting for the horses to depart from the North Carolina State Fairgrounds). This fairground is always packed with a wide variety of scheduled events. When we arrived a “horse show” was being held; next a “home arts show”; then a football game; ultimately a Circus. Everyone enthusiastically responded to the elephants. They were not visible until individuals walked, biked or drove over the field to get an unhampered view of their fenced play area. They were out moving around, eating, taking care of business during the day; then, tucked into the 18 wheeler trailer for their evening rest.

Our time in NC presented us with an unusual experience when the NC State Wolf Pack played a “home” game against the Clemson Tigers. We saw first hand how “die hard” fans tailgate as they prepare for a game. The RVs were covered with stuffed and inflated tigers. Pole lamps, table lamps, orange pool lights, orange table cloths, orange shirts, shorts, jackets, etc. were all over the place. We even had view of alumni members watching videos of the Clemson band playing their “fight song” with all of the husbands and wives singing along as they tail gated for days prior to the game.

Uh-oh our washing machine decided it was a bit tired of the routine, so after the wash cycle ended and I set the machine for drying the tub would not spin or generate any heat. I so wanted this to be my mistake so I attempted to reset the dryer using a variety of dial combinations, all to no avail. Greg went on-line and applied each of the recommended , strategies several hours later, the results indicated that the machine only needed a new belt. So a few days later the serviceman came and within a few minutes we were back in business (of course we had just completed our four loads of laundry at the nearest Laundromat. The man actually called us as we were folding the last iitems).

We had only one field trip while in Raleigh, we went to Town Creek Indian Mound. As expected it was near a fresh water source (a river) and a magnificently beautiful setting. We found several great books. It was a long drive, we have begun to realize that the Europeans (just like the Native Americans) always chose beautiful sites near fresh water. The Europeans often built homes, forts and small towns exactly where the Native Americans had previously lived. AND, NOW THE SITES THAT HAVEN’T BEEN DESTROYED ARE THE ONES THAT ARE FURTHER AWAY FROM POPULATION CENTERS, OFTEN PART OF FARMS.

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