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This has been pretty much just a travel day. We left Red Barn a little after 9:00 and headed down the road to find a gas station. By the time we found one, the fill-up was a little over 68 gallons of the 75 gallon tank.

One bit of good news is that the burn on Suzi's hand seems to be minor thanks to the quick application of ice (glad our fridge has an ice-maker) and the application of Aloe Vera. Apparently, the burn only resulted in a small blister on the side of her hand.

As we headed east and south we saw more evidences of some of the flooding that we have been seeing in the news reports over the last several weeks,including a roadside business that had most of its rear shops and storage under several feet of water. Then we saw more extensive flooding with large areas under water. We saw parks that had playground equipment peeking up above the water and what normally was a stadium of some kind but now is just a number of light masts sticking up from a large lake. We came across one area of roadway that had a warning sign to slow to 35 mph because of water over the road. When we got there, the water was gone and we noticed that a sort of dam had been built along the roadway to keep the water from the roadway. In another location, a dirt berm had been built along side of the road to keep the water back.

Finally the flooding directly affected us. We were detoured from our freeway route because around 17 miles of the freeway and been over run by the floods. The detour ended up extending our trip to St. Joseph by an hour and a half. I guess it would have been longer but I decided to check the atlas and follow a map instead of staying on the detour. I don't know why the detour was taking us so far east but I decided that heading south sooner was a better idea and fortunately it worked. As we went south, we kept seeing signs indicating the the roadway to the west of us was blocked by the flooding.

This evening we were a little dismayed to see the banner across the bottom of the t.v. screen indicating a severe thunderstorm alert in our area. Fortunately, it appears that it weakened and stayed further to the west.

The park "Beacon RV Parque" is okay for an overnight stop. The sites are not as jammed together as the previous night. Also, we were fortunate to arrive early enough that we were able to use our stacked site as a pull-through and not have to unhook the dolly and Vibe.

But, as a RV spot it is lacking much of the usual amenities commonly found in a park, such as a pool. We found the restrooms, showers,laundry room and storm shelter on the park layout map but were not successful in actual physically finding them. If we had been really interested in any of those facilities, I suppose we could have asked the counter person to point them out.

WIFI is a little better than the past places but still weak.

It is very warm and humid. It was 92 degrees when we got set up this afternoon and almost

80% humidity. It rained for a while late this evening but no signs of anything happening at this time.

Suzi has had a hard time sleeping the last couple of nights and has been very tired. I hope that she will rest better tonight.

In the morning we head for Cahokia, Illinois, our last scheduled stop before getting to Mike's in Greenbrier, Tennessee. Scattered thunderstorms are forecast for tomorrow and I hope that they are scattered somewhere other than where we are.

Good night.

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