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Carpe at Roanoke Home Depot
After a hard day it was good to...

We started the day getting Carpe weighed

After driving on the scales Carpe passed

Welcome to the Blue Ridge Parkway
We entered at Linville Falls (mile #317)

Construction on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Price Lake on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Linn Cove Viaduct on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Welcome to Virginia
The thirty-eighth state we visited in Carpe

A very busy travel day. We were up at the "dark o'clock" and got Carpe ready for the road. We'd been in Marion for eleven days so a lot of gear needed to be stowed before we could hit the road.

But, first things first... One of the benefits of this Escapee's rally was that Mark was in attendance and he brought his Smart Weigh scales. It has been almost a year since we've had the coach weighed, so we signed up and were the first in line (at 0745). Everything worked out just fine—Carpe is not overweight, but she doesn't have a lot of wiggle room before she is. So, before anything goes in, something must come out!

We hooked up the car and drove out the rally grounds gate a few minutes after eight. We took US 221 north about thirty miles and hooked up with the Blue Ridge Parkway. We decided to try it in the coach, and everything was just fine. It was, however, quite tiring as the road is very narrow and hilly which required 100% driver attention.

We had one major detour that took us off the Parkway onto North Carolina 18 and US 21. It was not much different than the Parkway—narrow and hilly.

We stopped for lunch overlooking a lovely gorge in which many of the trees were still in bloom. The dogwoods along the parkway were still in bloom, and at higher elevations many of the trees were just budding.

It was a wonderful 224 mile drive and we made it as far as Roanoke, Virginia. Virginia is a "new state" for Carpe, our thirty-eighth in the coach. We are overnighting in a Home Depot parking lot not far from the Parkway and are still undecided as to whether we'll continue on the Parkway tomorrow or hit federal highways and/or interstates. The weather is supposed to be rainy, so we'll make that decision in the morning.

Nothing more for today... Stay tuned—we're on the move!

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