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Coco Davenport and Linda Longley

Mikael Davenport with His Smoker

Nancy Riley

Charlie Rose and Coco Davenport

Nancy Riley and Sibyl White

Stuart, Val, Glenda, Ethel and Janie

Val White and Ouida Broach

Val, Coco (Birthday Honoree), Donette, Janie, Stuart and Marilyn

Marilyn Childers Presenting "Camper of the Year" Award to Glenda Alexander

Janie Installing 2012 Officers - Stuart, Val, Glenda & Ethel (Photo by...

Marilyn Presenting Camper-of-the-Year Award to Glenda (Photo by Sibyl White)


This morning I went first to Discount Tires to have my tires checked. I didn’t have to wait at all this time so I was on the road by 10:15.

Before heading to the RV park, I stopped at the outlet malls and tried at four shoe stores to find some shoes that my injured right foot would tolerate; but I was not successful. I’m about to be desperate because the only ones that I can wear right now are falling apart. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Our attendance was very good. We had 25 members and guests present, two of whom plan to join our chapter.


This morning I went with Stuart and Donette to the outlet mall. This time I was successful in finding some shoes at Ecco. They aren’t totally comfortable but I’m sure they will be when my foot is well again. I should have had Stu and Donette with me the first time. :>)

This afternoon at our business meeting, the 2012 officers were installed: Stuart as president, Val as vice president, Ethel as treasurer and I as secretary. Then the 2011 camper of the year was announced. Imagine my surprise when my name was called! It’s an honor to be selected for this award and I really appreciate it.

Tonight we had our potluck dinner. Mikail had smoked turkey breasts and the rest of us contributed side dishes and desserts. It was a wonderful meal. Coco Davenport was the only one present whose birthday is in December.

After dinner we heard a presentation by Charles Vestal of the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center. They serve men, women and children who have been victims of family violence, sexual assault or child abuse. He cited some disturbing statistics concerning these crimes in Hays and Caldwell Counties. There has been a large percentage increase in 2011 over 2010. Part of that increase is blamed on economic conditions but it is mostly due to the large increase in the population of the area. Each year our club gives toys, other gifts and cash to the Women’s Center. (www.hcwc.org)


Today it was dreary all day so I didn’t do much. There are always table games!

After dinner tonight we cleared out our leftovers and other things. It was raining when I left the club room to go back to my rig. Everything was fine until, all at once, I found myself on the ground! Apparently I tripped on a rough patch in the street. Nearly all my right knuckles were battered and bleeding, my right leg was bruised and my new shoes were scuffed. Grrr!! I’m just thankful that nothing was broken.


Route: I-35 S to San Marcos

Total Miles Driven: 41

Weather Conditions: Cloudy and chilly

Road Conditions: Good

RV Park: Canyon Trail RV Resort

Park Conditions: Nice paved streets and long RV sites, free Wi-Fi, spacious club room, clean laundry, friendly owners

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