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We enjoyed our stay in Tupelo much more than we thought we would. Doubtless the spectacular weather and the campsite right on the water had much to do with it. We played golf twice for free courtesy of the state park and discovered some furniture factory outlets. Even though some would argue that we are never home long enough to bother doing any home improvements, we are on the prowl for some new furniture. The wooden pieces such as the dining room set are 35 years old and look it. The newer couches were purchased for a previous much larger home. When another couple comes over to visit, we do not have room for four people to sit and talk. It's time for a change. We looked around a bit at home, but felt uncertain. The furniture show rooms in Tupelo have helped us to decide what we are looking for and gave us some leads at home. They referred us to the mecca of furniture outlets around High Point NC, so they will be our last major stop before the final push home. The fact that my sister lives nearby is a real plus.

So we got back on the Natchez Trace and drove it to the Alabama border. Enough was enough. We easily could have taken it to the terminus in Nashville, but have already done a good job of investigating Music City, USA. So we stopped in Red Bay, getting off the road before the forecast thunderstorms with tornado potential swept us off the road altogether. The town of Red Bay is a few miles off the Trace on our way east. It is a little nowhere town full of annoyed and aggravated RV'ers. Why are they gathered here? Red Bay is the town where Tiffin motor homes are produced.

We are here to take the factory tour tomorrow morning, before we travel on. As far as we can tell we are the only non-Tiffin motor home in town, a novel experience since the Dutch Star we own is such a popular model. We almost bought a Tiffin coach and have always liked them, but all the other Tiffin owners here are in various states of anger and depression, because something is wrong with their rig and they are stuck here in a nowhere town rather than being where they originally planned to be. Tiffin has a campground for folks waiting to get repaired. It has the capacity for one hundred coaches and is so full that it has a number of additional coaches dry camped on the periphery. We're not sure if this means that we should be really glad that we did not buy a Tiffin or if it's just on the way north for Tiffin snow birds and everyone has arrived at once. Before the rain began in earnest we wandered around the assembly campus, free to investigate any RV in any state of completion. This really is a low key, friendly place. Soon all those frowning folks will be back on the road, hoping not to return to Red Bay any time soon.

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