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Our campsite at Needles KOA


Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted an OTRA post hasn’t it? Well, we’re on the road again and headed in a semi-easterly direction. We were supposed to leave yesterday but when I woke up, I just wasn’t feeling too well (chest pains) so we just sort of took it easy all day. I took some aspirin (in case it was heart related) and a Xantac (in case it was acid reflux) and a nap (in case I was just plain tired). We didn’t even play golf on Wii yesterday so you KNOW things weren’t up to snuff in the health department, LOL.

But today I felt much better and off we went. Actually, didn’t get off ‘til noon but much of that was fiddling with the new stabilizers we put on the trailer.

Very uneventful trip EXCEPT…usually we carry our camping lounge chairs in the bedroom but since we replaced our long leveling boards with shorter ones for each wheel and since the short ones live in a milk crate, we have more room in the bed of the truck so Bob put the chairs in big black trash bags and put them in the bed between the tailgate and the hitch. Now, these chairs weigh 25 lbs and measure about 38"L x 26"W when folded up. Well, somewhere along the way, one flew out of the bed of the truck!!! Didn’t make a sound and didn’t leave any marks on the trailer. I cannot believe it! And there’s only about 6” clearance between the trailer overhang and the bed rails. Just unbelievable!

Other than that, trip was uneventful. You can most definitely tell when you go from Nevada to California along Route 95 right outside of Cal-Nev-Ari, NV ‘cause the California road is rough and narrow…at least compared to the Nevada roads we’ve been traveling on for the past 4 months.

WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA AT 1:32 PDT and 124 miles.

This is the first trip for Nellie and she certainly let us know she wasn’t too happy about it at all. She finally gave up “meowing” her displeasure about 58 miles and 1 hour into the journey. What's really funny...she was pretty used to the campground in Las Vegas and loved to go to the dog walk with Taco. She is really good about walking on her leash and only needs some occasional gentle reminders that she is supposed to keep walking and not walk 3 steps, stop, sit down and survey all around her. Well, when we got here, I took the two of them for a walk to get them acquainted with their new campground. Taco loves this time 'cause there are all new smells and such but Nellie would have nothing of the whole deal. She just stiffened her legs and wouldn't budge. Needless to say, there are quite a few "kitten skidmarks" at this campground where I just dragged her along. Unfortunately, by the time she finally gets used to this place, we'll be moving on again. She's young, though; she'll adapt. As long as her "inside" house is the same, she'll be happy.

Arrived at the Needles KOA at 2:00 p.m. Took us awhile to get set up because of figuring out how to work the new stabilizers and it was 95° out there…in the shade! Felt good to finally get inside to the air conditioning. I’m not too sure the rear stabilizers are going to be worth fiddling with each time but we will give them a couple of more set ups before we make up our minds. The front ones are pretty easy to work around.

So, here we are…signed up for 5 days ‘cause I want to go to Oatman to see the burros and there are a couple of other sights we want to see, using this campground as our home base.


There are lots of quail here in the park and little chipmunk-like critters called antelope squirrels. When I clean Sam's cage, I usually toss his uneaten seed out the door. One morning, Nellie was sitting at the screen door staring at something so I looked out and there was a family of quail...Mom, Dad and about 20 tiny little ones, darting back and forth, eating seed! So neat to see. After awhile, 2 ground squirrels came out and scurried around gathering the corn in the seed. Later on, Bob and I took Taco and Nellie for a walk over towards the back of the campground and we saw another quail family with bigger chicks. Boy, they do run fast when they want to get somewhere!


Into Needles to pick up mail at the post office. My youngest granddaughter, Lexi, had sent a Flat Stanley to travel with us a bit so tomorrow he will go geocaching with us and we will take him to Oatman to ride a burro!

The weather is turning rather hot (high 90's) and for someone who does not do well in the heat, dry or humid, this is not good. I can feel myself going into "hibernation" stage, LOL.

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