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lara croft



Baby turtles that were just hatched and we released them to the...

the local bus, where's bin laden?

our jungle cabin

Fig tree,

hatchery for the turtle eggs


Daves leech bite

local houses

our holy grail the English tea house, that didnt serve RICE!!

turtle island


rainforest, water brown from deforestation


POW camp


At the POW a trench machine

the female turle laying her eggs


what, were??

what your head

Arrived in Borneo (Malaysia Borneo Sabah) on the 17th of October and stayed until the 31st. Mixed bag really in Borneo. The Capital of Sabah Kota Kinabalu was a bit run down, nothing really to do there. We got a 6 hour bus to Sandakan (inland Borneo). This used to be an old colonial town. Sandakan however was a camp for the POWs during world war two so the place was completely destroyed! There was one house that did remain Agnes Keith House (writer of the book "The land below the wind") Here they opened a restaurantwhere we ate scones and crumpets. Also very interesting about the town was Japanese POW camp, here was the starting point for the death marches to Ranau. Out of the 1800 Australian and 600 British troops imprisoned there only six people survived. Today the camp still remains but only a small portion of it. Its very interesting but very sad.

Sandakan was the gateway to all our animal excursions. We went to a place called Sepilok. Sepilok is a section of the rainforest where they breed orangutans. When we were there we saw loads of them. We also went to see the Proboscis monkey (long nose monkey) They were the best, so funny. They have long noses to impress the female so the longer the nose the more wife's the male has. We counted one male and he had 21 female wives!! We got right up close to these monkeys. We went on a three day river and jungle cruse in the rainforest. This was excellent. We arrived and it RAINED!! as expected as we were in the rainforest!! Leeches everywhere. They were about the length of your finger, rotten things. During one of our walks into the jungle the leeches where all over me and Dave was laughing away at me but once we arrived back to our cabin and checked ourselves in case they were on us low and behold Dave had a nice big sucker on him!! hee hee!! On the river cruse we saw a wild orangutan and lots and lots of Monkeys even saw a crocodile and snake. At night we also did walks through the jungle saw lots of kingfisher birds asleep on the branches(that was fascinating!) saw huge spider, lots of bats and fire flies.

During our time here we also went to a island off Sandakan called Turtle island. Here we spent an night on the island. Went swimming during the day (0nly 8 guests on the entire island). After dinner we waited for the green giant turtles to arrive on the island. At 9pm a turtle arrived and we saw her lay her eggs. See dug a hole and laid 83 eggs. These eggs were taken by conservationist and she went back to the water. She was huge, weighed the same as two full grown men. After we brought the eggs to a hatchery were we put the eggs into a protective area in the sand. Later in the night we then set free new little turtles that had just hatched. That was great again there were approx 70 baby turtles and they swam straight out into the sea. FAB!

Borneo was great people really nice.

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