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one more picture of the Great Blue Heron

Sculptures of the Whoppers

Another view

Beaches of Rockport

Lunch Spot of the day Charlotte's something

Dinner spot last night





This one's for sale and Bill wouldn't buy it for me

So beautiful. and really good food

moonrise through our window

awesome huh

Flowers along the roadside







We’ve moved again… Not an easy decision because we just loved the Rockport area but the last two days were so windy and we were right on the bay so we got tons of sand and dust over everything.. We hate the wind but when the dirt goes along with it, we move on… We had originally planed to stay in Rockport for another week… After all, we still had not visited the original Whataburger in Corpus Christi or done a lot that we had planned on going back to.. Oh well, that is the great benefit of carring our home with us… If the weather gets bad, go to a nicer place.. Not that 78 degrees was bad.. Just turn down the wind…

Before we left Rockport we tried to see as much as possible… We went to the Rockport Harbor and took pictures in the sculpture gardens…. It was beautiful there and as we walked along we came to another Great Blue Heron… This time we were able to get right up to him and take pictures before he went searching for his dinner where he was….

We continued on the Rockport Beach where we found that they charge you $$ to get on their beach so we went up the road a bit and got on another one…. Not that we mind paying the price if we planned on using the facilities but I just wanted to take pictures so we went on our way……

We chose a place for lunch that day that was called Charlotte ?? something and we had a beautiful view out front… We chose a couple of things off the menu that should have come to about $20 the waiter ignored our wishes and went for the $40 plate… Well we paid the $21 for Bills lunch and I had salad bar which was small but good… When our waiter brought the bill we were shocked to find out that the meal cost us about $45. It should have been much cheaper.

Yesterday was much better . We started the day by going to breakfast again with most of the group we were with the last time…. This time it was at JJ’s…. Thas was a neat little hamburger joint that serves great breakfast, After stopping to stock up on jumbo shrimp and a few other things we needed we came home… I spent the entire afternoon working on my daughter Coleen’s taxes… I already had her send in the federal forms but since she moved this year she has two states to file and no software to help me… Wow, I feel like I am back in Tax school…. I promise to get your Montana forms done tomorrow Coleen and mail them all out to you…They are a rel bear.. Lots of pages to work on,,, Got your renters credit done….Not much comming back but at least you don’t have to pay.

Today we left Rockport for Boerne. TX … We will be here until the 16th which when our Escapee’s rally ends ….We are way early because the rally doesn’t start til the 13th but we are in some good company… There was a whole group that came in today… A lot of them were in Rockport for the last couple of months. ... We stopped for lunch along a huge field of wildflowers I was able to take a whole bunch of pictures... Next time I'll tell you about Boerne....Hope you enjoy the pics… Hugs, Helen

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