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We headed out this morning with raincoats in tow as the sky looked very gray. Fortunately we planned to go to the Byzantine Museum so rain won't make a difference. It took us awhile to find the museum but thanks to some very nice people we finally made it. The museum is a very contemporary building housing ancient jewelry, coins, pottery, icons, tombs, clerical garments, parts of a town, sewing supplies, cooking utensils and Bibles. It is quite an impressive display. How these items have survived all these years is beyond our imagination. The mosaic work ranged from very fine to quite rough, all beautiful in its own way. The craftmanship 2000 years ago is incredible when you consider the tools they had to work with. Much of the pottery would be perfect in contemporary homes today.

By the time we finished at the museum it was time for Greek dinner (around 3:00). We headed toward the waterfront and found a spot that looked nice. We both ordered salads and were informed that they couldn't serve just salad so we continued our hunt for a place to eat. We are amazed at the number of places that just serve coffee and drinks. Finally we found a spot with an extensive menu and was right along the water. We ordered a bacon and cheese pizza and were surprised to see strips of something that looked like strips of ham! It was very good but didn't taste like the bacon we know.

Thessaloniki certainly follows the Greek tradition of shutting down for "dinner" between 3:00 and 6:00, except for cafes and restaurants. After a short rest we headed out to the open air market only to find it was closed for the day. As we have walked around the town, we found ruins in between buildings unlike the other cities where the ruins are in a designated spot. It seems that here when a building is in disrepair, it comes down and an archeological dig begins.

We are spending the evening writing our thoughts and hopefully uploading some more pictures to this site. It will be an early night as we are heading out early tomorrow for Veria.

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