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Guaymas, Hotel Playa de Cortes!

Along the road!

Successfully negotiated around Hermosillo!

And returned our jeep permit!

We left El Fuerte after returning from our terrific trip to the Copper Canyon on Sunday, March 14th. Once again backtracking, Guaymas was our next stop and the Hotel Playa Cortes our park of choice for the next 3 nights. Several RVs returning north were in residence, including two couples we met in Lo de Marcos, near Puerto Vallarta.

On Wednesday, the 17th, we had an uneventful drive to the border crossing at Nogales, successfully negotiating around the mega-city of Hermosillo and stopping at Km. 21 to turn in the vehicle permit for the jeep. The motorhome permit is now valid for 10 years! Inspections went well as we were anticipating the usual ban on eggs, pork and chicken and had "made arrangements" for their timely demise. Ditto fruit, with the exception of that malingering banana which I quickly tossed into a cabinet under the galley sink after already having answered "no" to the "have fruit" question. Well, the kindly border patrol officer did his cursory search and casually suggested that the hidden banana was most likely a fake! He also "overlooked" the frozen shrimp and chicken I had stashed in the garbage. How embarrassing!

With maybe 30 minutes spent in border-crossing red tape instead of the usual hour and a half, we easily made it to our Tucson Mountain destination and a Passport America park where our good friends, Sharon and Rodger, were there to welcome us back in grand style!

What a life! We're glad to be "home"!

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