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Spiky mountains from Las Crucas

This pueblo architecture is lovely

the white sand

At breakfast, a man and his wife look for a place to sit.

"You can sit here." I have the USA Today and don't plan to talk.

"What section do you want?" she asks him.

"The sports section."

Is that predictable or what?

He introduces himself and his wife. They are from an island in Washington, above Seattle. When he found where I am from, he starts reliving all of his memories of San Francisco. I really just want to read the paper.

Anyway, I finish, say goodbye, and am soon gone from the RV park to a grocery stop and then the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum, where at eleven, there was a milking demonstration. I grew up on a farm. I know how you milk cows, and though there are technological improvements since my childhood, the cow hasn't changed much, so I pass.

Maybe this is a trip back to my childhood. When, I hear some recording refer to "making do," I think of how mother used to say that. Recycling is not a new idea, it is a way of life in farming.

Then, on to White Sands National Monument, where the sand looks like snow, drifts and feels like walking in snow. Some people slide on it, using disks. I walk one trail, try to take pictures, but it is very bright at noon.

Alamagordo, which I understand means "fat tree," is a busy place, obviously without a sign ordinance. Coming into town, the signs are huge, and they don't get much smaller in town. Every franchise I can think of is here. There is a military base, and that is probably what gives the area much of its activity.

Those mountains that were distant in Las Crucas, are nearer, right there, just a step away, as I visit the New Mexico Museum of Space History and the IMAX theatre next door.

By the time I get Rhonda hooked up, take a walk to Walmart for milk, and have dinner, I'm feeling really tired. Think I will crawl in bed early.

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