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Sucre is the nicest city I have been to in South America (so far). It consists almost entirely of old white colonial buildings and is very picturesque. My main reason for coming here was to improve my Spanish and have some lessons. I had some lessons, but don´t think i´ve improved my Spanish. I didn´t really do anything cultural whilst I was here. I

travelled here with a few people from my last hostel and also met some quality people through my Spanish lessons and we went out every night and took advantage of the happy hours in the various bars. There is a large limestone quarry near Sucre where dinosaur prints have been found perfectly preserved. I visited this site which is a huge vertical rock face with a number of different trails of footprints going in different directions. The guide assured us that experts in the field have verified that the prints are actual dinosaur prints so this was pretty impressive to see. Also, whilst I was in Sucre there was an opening ceremony to a kind of mini Olympics between 5 South American countries. It was kind of like a mini carnival with bright costumes, traditional music and just a general good atmosphere. Most of the group I met in Sucre were vegetarian and I was cooked a really nice meal on my last night here. Then I boarded yet another bus for an overnight journey. It is almost impossible to sleep on Bolivian buses though because most of the roads are not paved and are full of potholes so the journeys are very bumpy.

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