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After a few days hanging around KK sampling the sights and sounds, and let's be frank, mostly the tastes, I've seem my fill of Borneo for the time being and am moving on to Vietnam. I have had more noodles than I can poke a stick at and am keen to get to Hanoi and have a great big bowl of pho. I'm also hoping that there will be more English speaking backpackers there than what I've managed to find so far in Malaysia, its been mostly Japanese here in Borneo.

I flew out of KK on a delayed flight tonight and find myself once again in the Low Cost Carrier Terminal of Kuala Lumpur Airport at 1am and unable to go anywhere as I've missed the last shuttle to the more comfortable International Terminal. At least this time I know what I'm in for.

For starters I am going to try and find the inflatable pillow I left behind last week when I was abruptly moved on from my makeshift bed. Secondly, with a bit of cunning and ingenuity I might be able to get a photograph of the rare McDonald's Sleepers, unique to this part of Malaysia.

However, I have just seen a sign for a place that offers 'ear waxing' so I might check that out. Does that mean they put wax in if you don't have enough?? Or do they wax really hairy ears?? These are the questions that I grapple with as I sit here waiting impatiently for the sun to rise so I can catch my 6.30am flight.

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