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Sunset in Quartzite

Sunset in Quartzite

Happy hour in our RV-

How many people does this rig hold?

Sunrise over Mexico

Airplane graveyard

Rocks in higher elevation

More Texas rocks

Cute SW design at roadside picnic tables

New shrubbery

More highway art

Nut orchards-season over

In motion

Fire over the border

Oil fields

hanging over the parking garage wall

Sam's Town Casino

Approaching Mississippi River bridge

I'm back! Whatever the cyber glitch, all is well with this site today. Thank you to the support staff of the trip journal. We are on the last leg of returning to family for the holidays. The trip has been a smorgasbord of terrain, elevation, and weather. We chose the southerly route-staying under the wintry weather. By 0'dark:30(5:30) we were on the pavement heading east, calling it a day in Eagle Rock, TX. I had to chuckle at Corky-Texas is a BIG state with long desolate stretches in between civilization. He was so hungry by 8:00PM, he ate at a McDonald's!! Much of the southwestern desert look was with us along this section. The landscape added one additional plant that came into view in Texas. Without the plant book I can't name it; next best thing- I gave you a picture. Speaking of pictures-whizzing by at 70 mph does not lend itself to optimal photography. Nevertheless, I've posted them. When viewing, make sure your imagination is turned on! The border of Mexico was quite visible the first day. I've become fascinated with the country and lovely people. It is unfortunate most of us(including me) only hear, or even see, the negatives. One small section of Texas had an elevation of 4,000 feet. After that we descended to 87 feet above sea level in the Louisiana swamps. Guess what else? Along came the humidity! UGH!! We have NOT missed it. Here came the return of stuffed up sinuses and achy joints. Night two was spent at Sam's Town Casino in Shreveport, La on the Red River. We had a pleasant RV experience in Las Vegas at Sam's Town. This was an excellent choice to end a day of driving. This is our third casino experience-novices. In Las Vegas we played a dollar each losing $.55 and $.45! Aren't we daring? By booking a room we were given $20 to gamble. I won $#65.00!! We are learning the food is ALWAYS good in the better casinos and inexpensive. This Sam's did not disappoint us. Night three- Newnan(outside Atlanta), Ga. We have crossed the Missippi River, crossed six state lines, and are only hours away from Cary, NC. Whew! Normally we would have flown; however, Corky has a few "errands" which require the truck. The decision has been made-flying will be the mode of travel next time! You might be interested in the gas prices- Quartzite, AZ diesel was $1.87; the farther east we go the higher the price-$2.40/gallon last fill-up. I remain in my cost of fuel amazed phase-we viewed three hours of oil fields in one portion of Texas along with the other oil operations-drilling, collection sites, & refineries. Stay tuned!

PS> I am working on CEU's as we travel!!

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