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Gotta love it. A huge Earth Monster face doorway at Homerigero

closer view of door mask

eye close up with x in pupil area. Got to find out...

stacked chac faces on end of left side of building

chac faces on right side of building

part of Homerigero towers. rounded columnade area in front

looking down on rounded corners of room from the platform above.

The platform I was just on looking at the rounded corners of...

back of buildng with the mask front

started to see these ceiba trees with the flanged out root systems

around the side of the Earth Monster mouth building

a whole other building with double chac doors on it. Up on...

chac doorway on top of temple

another view of same door way temple

another view. Note the new work on bottom. Had to climb some...

pile of undug area. Maybe holds rooms.

another unexplored building getting lost in the forest

wonderful carved stones going to waste in the undergrowth

chac face partly buried

tree roots with a strangle hold on the stone wall

passageway under where steps go on the front of the Chac face...

trees gripping all the rocks on the top of buried buildings

room areas on back of temple front

back to temple front on other building

caretaker huts at entrance to Homerigero, mayan style with stuccoed bottoms

sacbe road path into Xpujil site. Minature of what the ancients built...

Sign at Xpujil about the Maya

sign about the Maya part 2

map into Xpujil site

Xpujil site

first set of towers and rooms, whats left anyway

platform the first triple tower sets on

stairs to platform rooms

living quarters building sign

looking down into the living quarters rooms

platform leading to the rooms, stairs below

step up to interior room has tooth design below step area

main structure triple tower temple of Xpujil

this is what the temple building looked like. note door on left...

three tower sign

sign for three towers

third part of sign on the three towers

three towers and part of the building middle room part

part of design on front of wall section. looks like a chac...

design on another part of the front of the middle section

looking over the edge of the upper platform and the room areas...

middle tower looking from the right side of building

middle tower from around the back of temple

another chac face. side view

stairs going up to the middle platform building through the left tower

looking out the door way on the left temple, the view of...

shifting the view toward the front of the temple, the lower rooms...

close up of view below the middle tower. Rooms are in three...

stairs back down to the ground level. And they are steep

back down on the ground- This is the doorway at the top...

caretakers storage shed

nothing has changed. Mayan BBQ grill. Belongs to caretaker at Xpujil site

Homerigero and Xpujil. Dec7

I started my rounds by visiting the closest sites first. Homerigero is a very ancient site and the stones there reflect that fact in that they are very dark gray looking. The Earth Monster doors were fabulous and had lots of detail to them. I wandered around the site for a long time before I went to see the Xpujil site that is located on the edge of the village. That one was different as it had a temple with three towers to the building. There were staircases leading up to where a platform would have been on top of the first story roof. I could see out of the doorway to the middle section and across to the third tower. Below were rooms, which were now roofless. I tried to imagine being a priest during the time Xpujil was at its zenith and stepping out on to the platform to perform some ceremony above the crowd of inhabitants below. I could see bon fires burning and hear the beat of the drums. The sun was starting to go down, so I made my way back to the entrance with a small detour to a small Mayan building I saw on the side. It was a caretakers' hut, which had a step fret design worked into the stucco covering the base of the building. Next to it was the caretakers quarters and he had a fire going on the Mayan grill for his dinner.

This site also had a miniature sacbe (road), or in this case, a paved trail leading from the entrance to the first of the buildings in the site. The next one I was to encounter was at Calakmul. It was ancient engineering brought into modern times. Super, gotta love it.

I find it amazing that out in the wilds of the jungle even a small village has an Internet. This one has two. They weren't very fast but were helpful. Both were located in small buildings about 10 by 12 and had 6 or so computers. Another helpful hint the town is spelled Xpujil and pronounced 'Spool-heel'. That is for those of us that can't get our tongues rapped around the x and z sounds.

Diane helped me with the locations of the sites and drew maps in my little notebook I carry around with me. She gave me directions and approx miles or (k) they were to their place. She also told me that site of Rio Bec was not open to the public as the villagers blew up the road. No clue why. After a lovely breakfast with them, she packed me a lunch to take with me for the day.

More later, Gay

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