Summer 2008 travel blog

Well, here we are sitting at the city park in the space we think of as "ours". We are backed up to the great view of the lake with weeping willow trees trailing their branches in the water. It makes for lousy internet dish pointing but is wonderfully peaceful.

We finally left DeSmet about 11:15 after exchanging a book (more about that later) and fueling up ($4.67 per gallon). The roads (SD 25 & 34 and US 81) were very rough. I had Ron stop at one point so I could check on things in the fiver. Nothing broken - just jiggled around.

As we drove in the park, there was a girls softball game going on so we got lots of stares. Ron made it into the site on the first try and we are about as straight as we can be. After we leveled, unhitched, ect., we went over to the cafe for lunch. It was about 10 to 2 and all they had left was the sloppy joes - so we had sloppy joes.

Then we came back to the RV to set up the internet and TV. Unfortunately, it started to rain about then so we decided to take a nap. We both fell asleep so soundly in the pitter patter of the rain that when we woke up it took a minute to remember where we were.

We will only be staying here tonight and Sunday night and then moving to the Sioux Empire Fair Grounds for a week. It is closer to where we have to take the truck for service. Then, too, we won't have to drive so much to see my sister and cousins who I want to talk to about some genealogy stuff.

Oh the book! I started reading one of the books I got at the LIW museum. I got to page 32 and the next page was 29 and the story of Ben Franklin as a young man. DUH!! What is this all about. After the pictures (pages 60-65) the LIW story continued. So we took it back and got a new one. I had to explain several times to the girl and she had to take it to a supervisor. I finally got my new book and finished it an hour or so ago. It is the biography of LIW written by someone else and is very interesting.

SUNDAY: We started off our day with lunch at the Corner Cafe - the only cafe in Marion. Then we went down to Freeman to see Ron's Aunt Hulda. She is his Mon's sister and is still quick at 95. We visited with her for over an hour and then went to the Museum at the Freeman College. While there we met Norman Hofer, a volunteer, who helped us with some genealogy. I really didn't find anyone new on the tree - but was able to fill in some dates and verify the data we had so far was correct. We plan to go back next week and do some more research.

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