Fall 2007 travel blog

Rock City

Wonder where those smaller rock came from??

Kisssing Rocks??

I thought this one looks like a nativity statue

And there there are the balanced ones

Open Pit mine

The trip thru El Paso was great. If you stay in the right lane - it becomes the middle lane, then the left center, then the middle and finally the right lane again. I don't think Ron took the truck off cruise the whole way. We just let the traffic flow around us, passed a few when we were in the more left lanes and enjoyed the view. It was our best trip thru that crazy town ever!

When we got into Deming and Helen (Squeaky from the Escapade)gave us a call. We had made arrangements to meet on Wednesday but she found out she had to go to El Paso that day. So we finished setting up and headed for their place near Columbus.

They have a great lot on a hill overlooking the valley. Lew was in CO elk hunting so we didn't get to see him. But we had a nice visit with Helen and then went to Mexico for dinner at the Pink Store. Then we wandered around the store looking at ceramic stuff for our lot. Found the sink I want, outside lights for beside the door, and a host of other things. But no room in the RV right now. Maybe the next trip if I don't find them in Yuma.

It was good to see her especially without the stress of the Escapade. She geve me some cacti for our lot - I hope it grows.

Wednesday - 24th -- We went for a ride north of Deming - hoping to go to Silver City but we got detoured. We stopped at the City of Rocks. Imagine a big level valley and then in the middle toss a bunch of rock cylinders about 50 - 60 feet high. Really cool. See pictures above. We took the long way home and stopped by a huge copper pit mine. It seems almost unbelievable that man can not only dig away a hill but also make a pit almost as deep.

Got back in time for Happy Hour and got into conversation with lady about books. She reminded me that there was a great bookstore in Deming so I gave him a call. It was almost 10 to 5 but he said he would stay open for us so off we went. Found 8 books!!!

Tomorrow is Benson, AZ, and a birthday meeting with Ron's niece.

Edited to add:

Ron's Mom, sister and niece were evacuated from the Ramona fire on Sunday night. We had no idea where they were so kept the cell phones close all the time. We could call their house and get the answering machine so knew the houses were OK. They did not take their phone books with them so didn't have our cell number. We finally heard from them on Thursday via email to our son. They were able to return on Friday. All was well at their house except for the sun shade over Ron's mom's RV. It had blown off in the wind. Of course, everything was covered in ash - but no fire damage.

We are not sure of the damage to the Western Horizon park we plan to stay at during Dec. We will have to see what is going on.

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