Anthony's Wild West 2007 travel blog

Rainbows at Vernal Falls

Close up of rainbows

My 'tent-cabin'

Panorama view into Yosemite Valley at ground level

I nearly ran over a bear this morning on my way into the valley, luckily I can't get up much speed on these mountain roads.

So today I did a 9 mile walk with 2,000 feet elevation, mostly around two highly attractive waterfalls. Vernal falls had these fantastic rainbows like I have never seen, shimmering and changing colours. And then after that excursion I just lay around in the valley looking at the views and digesting my all-you-can-eat buffet.

I was going to move on today, but changed my mind, though I did move into a tent cabin, positive luxury after camping. And I had my first shower since leaving San Francisco! It felt great. I am now right in the middle of the valley proper, which may not be very peaceful, but involves much less driving and at last I can have a drink. If only there was a decent bar here!

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