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Ferry Terminal at Cancun Side

Our Ferry - Caribbean Miss

Ferry Terminal at Isla Mujeres

Playa Norte Beach

Walking on the Beach


Margrita on Isla Mujeres

Lighthouse on North Side

Fishermen Monument

Playa Norte Beach

Lunch on Isla Mujeres

Monument to Quintana Roo

Restaurant for Lunch

Isla Mujeres is our destination today. We were transported by small bus from the campground to the ferry dock. The bus was designed to hold ten to twelve passengers but we squeezed 17 in; luckily, it was a short ride. The ferry ride from Cancun to the island took about 30 minutes and was uninteresting from the confines of a small stuffy boat.

From the literature we've read, the island name means Island of Women. A few legends prevail on how it came to be named so. Some believe it was the ancient Maya who used the island as a religious center for worshipping Ixchel, the goddess of rainbows, fertility and childbirth. Another has the Spanish conquistador, Hernandez de Cordoba, naming the island when he landed in 1517. When he and his crew came on shore, they saw only women; the men were out fishing. Others claim the name is a legacy from pirate days when, like many other Caribbean islands in the 17th century, Isla was a haven for buccaneers and smugglers. These pirates would stash their women on Isla before heading out to rob the high seas.

However it got its name, it's a pretty touristy island. After disembarking the ferry, the first impression is a jungle of shops selling everything from embroidered blouses to very expensive jewelry. The best means of transportation is either golf cart, moped, or on foot. The island is very small at only 8 km long so it's very compact and easy to explore.

Margrita is a water baby so our first stop was the beach at Playa Norte. The water was a beautiful turquoise color, calm, and warm. Female topless bathing was common along the sandy beach area. We walked a good distance before hunger and thirst sent us scurrying off in search of something to eat and drink. We found a nice restaurant and the food was good.....the cold drinks were even better.

The shops, restaurants, and old hotels along the inner streets are housed in Caribbean clapboard houses painted in vibrant colors. There were several monuments and a lighthouse on the north side.

On the south end of the island, there's a lighthouse, turtle farm, and more beach suited to snorkeling and swimming.

We did some more shopping and took the ferry back to Cancun. From the docks, 5 of us shared a taxi back to the RV Park.

We did laundry and caught up on some other chores. We had dinner at home tonight; we desperately need to cut down on the food intake. Eating out can really sabotage a diet.

Our traveling companions who had the car accident have arrived from Merida; unfortunately, without their car. It won't be ready now until March 15; this is such a hassle for them and they are handling it gallantly....I guess, what else can they do??

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