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Alice Springs

Alice Springs

Good bye Old Bob...

Today has somehow been a utility day. We exchanged Old Bob against a new Vehicle and spent the rest of the day relaxing, shopping and internetting in the city.

Our rental company surprisingly turned out to be way more friendly and supportive than in Perth. Hence we had a smooth and quick exchange against a new campervan. Alice Springs is by far Australia's biggest inland town with just 25000 inhabitants. If you draw a circle around Alice with a radius of 1000km you can accumulate to up to 45000 inhabitants. Despite its remote location it gives a nice and clean impression. We got a nice overview from the Anzac lookout hill where you can also observe Alice's beautifull surroundings. Being embedded by the MacDonnell Ranges the environment is far away from being boring desert plain. The centre along Todd Mall is full of terraces and overpriced art galleries. However, some of the paintings and digeridoos are very nice. A bit suprising is that you do not get to see a single Aboriginal in the galleries that seem to be run entirely by (most likely) big profit making white.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the Internet and shopping. Because the internet cafe was closing we (once again) didn't manage to answer your e-mails but we hope we'll be able to catch up soon!!!

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