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Doubtful Sound even in the pouring rain was beautiful

Doubtful Sound waterfuls were fantastic - this one was about 500m high

Doubtful Sound - A rather large bull Grey Fur Seal

Manapouri underground Hydro Electric Station - the largest in NZ - visited...

Milford Sound - our late evening glimpse of the famous view spot...

Milford - early morning view of Mitre Point

R & G at Milford Sound

Typical shot of Milford Sound with snow capped peaks and deep shadows...

Typical view on route back for Milford Sound to Te Anau

Hi everyone

Back into civilisation again at Te Anau, having spent the last few days in NZ Fiordland at Doubtful Sound and Milford.

First Doubtful.

This overnight boat trip was supposed to be one of our holidays highlights, into the largest of the fiords. Very high mountains and narrow fiords with many 'arms' and some 80km(50miles) long. It still was in a way we didn't expect as it rained and rained and rained for all the 24hrs of the trip. On the plus side we saw waterfalls and more waterfalls and more waterfalls and little else. The views of the sound were totally obscured by the clouds and driving rain, we really didn't see a lot other than lots of rain and the bottom of waterfalls. Nver mind we did see a colony of fur seals and crested penguins which was something quite special.

On return trip we stopped at the Manapouri underground hydro-electric power station, the largest in NZ. Spectacular.

Then onto Milford Sound some 75 miles further north from Te Anau along a "cul de sac" road. This fiord we knew was much shorter overall and wider. We went with little expectation of seeing very much after the Doubtful experiance, but when we arrived very late afternoon the place was almost deserted and the sun was shining. So we stayed overnight at the only camp site in the area, had wonderful views of the mountains and a river running by.....just great to lift our spirits. In the morning - Friday 1st December - there wasn't a cloud to be seen anywhere and so we took another boat trip. This unexpected adventure turned out to be THE HIGHLIGHT so far. It was FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL and AWESOME all in together. See pics.

We also took advantage of the better (brilliant) weather to visit the underwater observatory to view to sea (fiord) life at a depth of 9 meters. Really interesting and well worth the extra effort. ALL in all a great day..... so we're both feeling much better and ready for the last week of our time in NZ.

Hope you are all well and getting ready for Christmas. Bye for now .

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