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How good to get back home. I have found that home is the 5th wheel and not the place it is parked. Home in our little trailer! How good it is!

After unloading the car, Marilyn went to the grocery store while I picked up a new DISH antenna and called Cingular to get our plan changed to give us more "anytime" minutes. Of course, we had friends we had just met at the Mark Twain campground, watching things for us while we were in Branson. They had disconnected our water hose on the night temps were below freezing. They also had turned our furnace on and set the temp to 68 degrees per my telephone request. When we returned home, we connected the water and turned on the heat pump, thereby turning off the furnace, which should save on the gas. We are paying for electric with the weekly rate so why not use electricity for heat when we can?

As noted by other people who are new to the full-timing lifestyle, the people you meet are just great. How many people you just met, would you give your house keys to, and then go away for 7 days? We are so happy in this new life. Now if we can just get the leftover problems solved. Things like paying the final bills for things, getting the truck bed topper installed. (Next Tuesday at 10:00 AM),and getting the DISH system up and running.

It will all happen in due time. We have driven over to our daughter's home to use her computer and internet because we still have no service at the campground. Jennifer is still working at the hospital. We will share a pizza with her and visit for awhile when she gets home. It is so nice to be able to give her a big hug much more often than when we lived 7 hours apart.

Time for me to get off of here and pay a few bills. That part of the old life doesn't go away. It does become less of a hassle though, and the bills are smaller. :)Let's see what tomorrow brings.....

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