Linda's Tour of Spain 2006 travel blog

Beach near Portugal

Doorway in Alcazar, Jerez

Gardens in Alcazar, Jerez

Star shaped fountain - Jerez

Laura trying to get off with Tio Pepe - Jerez

Linda trying harder to get off with Tio Pepe

Bodega in Jerez

Spot the spiders among the sherry

Just buy a street if you need more space!

Laura in Tarifa

Well it's been over a week since I was last in here so I thought I would concentrate on catching up with the time Laura spent with me. We had a really great week. Whilst staying near Cadiz (Richard you can find this one it's on the coast at the botton near Portugal)we were in a nice campsite. But as we sat there the first afternoon this bing bong noise came over the tannoy, we looked at each other and both said 'morning campers' It was exactly the sound from that old TV series and everytime it sounded we chuckled. It was a great location as we were able to catch the train into Jerez and a ferry into cadiz, fares on boith were really cheap and the train was clean and blissfully cool. I've been impressed with the buses too each time I've used them, I think we could learn a thing or too from Spain, but please dont tell Ken Livingstone, dont want him over here on a 'recky''!

Jerez and cadiz were both really lovely, we ate and drank too much and had a great night out, filling our bellies for around 30 euros more than once, that's about 20 quid. Let me explain here that the Spanish keyboard is a bit different to the UK one which partly explains my spelling mistakes, but also I just miss the letter I want sometimes and there is no spell check on this webiste.

When we left Cadiz, we planned to stay in Tarifa, this is the most southerly point of Spain and is very close to Africa (R you should be able to find this one too!) But the drive there was VERY scary, the wind was so strong and I had white knuckles more than once from gripping the steering wheel to keep Ducky on the straight and narrow. Trying to park was a laugh and a half, and in the end poor Ducky failed to manage a steep hillstart on a cobbled street and I had to let it roll back and try again. Had there been a car coming when we got back to the junction I'd have had to do it again and.... In the end we parked and walked around and although it was nice, the place just didnt have the atmosphere we had hoped for. As we didnt really want to go back into town in the evening we decided not to stay in Tarifa cos I'm sure Ducky would have been rocking all night in that wind -what would people have thought Laura and I were doing in there!!!! So we went along the coast and foind a campsite, not one of my best stops with a pool that wasnt available 'today'nor 'tomorrow it turned out and cold water in the showers - NASTY. Next day we made our final move, onto Seville. There is only one campsite in Seville even though it is a big city so we made our way there. Um it was at the end of the runway and very close to the motorway. We went to the pool and Laura could almost wave to the pilots as the planes came into land, luckily she likes planes and it is not a very busy airport. We loved Seville, though we spent a fortune on cabs going into and out of the city. We had lovely food there and enjoyed the shops as well as the sites. On our last night, we drank a bottle of champagne before going out, went and found a great little back street place to watch flamenco and downed 2 litres of Sangria with not much food to soak it up. Arriving back at the campsite, we were met by the security guard - what a laugh we had with him. He told us all about the variety of condoms he had avaialble and that he has bood tests every year to make sure he is ÓK', we had a laugh with him for a while, drank more Sangria and then sent him away so we could get some sleep.

Next morning it was up early to get Laura into the airport, oooh I had such a hangover that morning. It was lovely sharing that week with Laura and I'm sure she enjoyed it too, though we visited a town called Ronda that Laura had been to years ago before it was 'discovered'and needless to say it was vastly changed - it was also a place where we paid 8 euros to park Ducky when almost everywhere else I have parked for free

This is a good time of year to be in Spain, with lots of fiestas going on but I have discovered the real meaning of the expression 'melting hot'. A piece of velcro that has been stuck inside Ducky for years slid off onto the floor as the glue melted and made a sticky puddle, the freezer was unable to freeze, my mobile went wobbly and finally, it seems that the metal on my bike rack went soft enough to bend under the pressure of the bugee straps holding the deckchair on!! Well that takes you up to last Thursday. sadly, I cant load any pictures here as all the clever bits of the computer are out of sight - got some nice ones to show you though :-)

Next time, I'll catch up on what I've been doing since Laura left. Hope you are all well and not too sad about Autumn and everything LOL xxx

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