Walking Across the Continental Divide

Meeting of two creeks


Rain, rain, go away. Raining for the fourth day in a row. So gray that you couldn't see any mountains. We drove from St. Mary into Canada at last. Last night, I peeled all of the apples, made a pie/tart, baked all the potatos and chopped all of the onions and froze them because we were told they would take all fresh fruit and veggies at the border. Didn't quite finish the grapes and didn't get rid of the lemons/limes either - but when we got to the border, they didn't even ask us if we had fresh fruits and vegetables. Bob had to go inside because we are carrying a shotgun but they didn't want to see it or anything. Had no real problems.

Then on to Ft. McLeod, Alberta. Visited the Smashed Head Buffalo Jump Heritage Site which is where the indians would drive the buffalo off the cliffs. Very interesting and informative and good place for a rainy day. We also went to Ft. McLeod itself which is where the Northwest Mounted Police got its start. The fort was pretty interesting - including the first law office in the territory. I guess the NWMP arrested the baddies and the attorney got them off???? Anyway, there were two "Potts" among the first soldiers and who are buried there, so perhaps "Bird Dog Bob" has some scout in his genes.

The one dollar coin here is called a "loonie"(because there is a loon on the coin). The dollar stores are called "loonie stores". Say no more....

We are at the Daisy Mae campground...luckily being well-endowed was not a prerequisite to registration.

Heading to Banff tomorrow but it is supposed to rain all week.

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