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Sarah in our window

Firenze from Piazzale Michelangelo

Blurry me

Ashley and Megan at CAPA dinner

Anna and I at CAPA dinner

Our table at CAPA dinner

All right, it has been a busy week. Classes are going well, but take up most of my time. Tuesdays are the worst because I am at school from 10:30 to 4:30 with only 5 minute breaks in between classes. I'm going to have to start packing a lunch. On Wednesday, Velario took us out for dinner again. We ate SO MUCH food! It was a pizzeria, but we had bruschetta, crostini di mare (of the sea), gnocchi, sword fish, and a margherita pizza. And that's just what I ate! (Others tried pork and prosciutto dishes as well). To top it all off, I had the most amazing tiramisu EVER. On Thursday, I got out of school at noon, so Sarah and I finally gave in to Firenze shopping. It was so much fun, but definitely dangerous. I got two new sweaters, a t-shirt and a skirt. I am holding out on shoes because there are just too many to choose from; I think my head might explode if I tried to choose just one pair. Afterwards, we had a dinner with everyone from CAPA (on them), which was really fun because we got to mingle with everyone and exchange phone numbers. There we had grilled veggies, salad, tomato mozzerella salad, bruschetta, prosciutto, salami, figs, and two different kinds of pasta, plus this odd little wine grape dessert torte thing. Everybody went out for a drink and dancing afterward, and I actually ran in to a girl who lives in Lexington! (Small world).

I had class this morning at 9, and we were planning on going to Pisa when it was over, but it is thunderstorming like crazy here, so we decided to shop instead :). This time, however, Anna and I walked around looking for the food market for an hour before we found it- but it was worth it. I love it there! They have fresh EVERYTHING. I could spend all day there! We bought homemade pasta, ingredients for alfredo sauce, fresh bread, tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzerella, a basil plant, pine nuts, and, of course, some chianti. We are inviting a few people over tonight and having a big Italian dinner (bruschetta with homemade pesto, tomato mozzerrella salad, spinach ricotta ravioli with peas and homemade alfredo, and asparagus). I am so excited!!!! Also, I went to THE MOST AMAZING chocolate place EVER! It's this tiny little shop by school and this man makes all his own chocolate using chili pepper as an ingredient, so it has a little bite to it. They have incredible, creamy, smooth gelato and hot chocolate, but I got a bag of mixed chocolates that included chocolate covered almonds and pecans, truffles, chocolate chili peppers, chocolate hazelnuts... oh, it is heaven! Mom, Dad, and Matt- we are absolutely going there when you visit- you will die!

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