View from Harris Beach State Park

A lot of animals and plants live here

The day use area for the public

Birds were all over the rocks - this is the rock Jerry...

Whale watching area

Another awesome beach

Another view of the rock Jerry climbed

A view from the top of the rock

Another view

He got some great ones from the top

It was a long way down

People were flying a lot of kites

Zoom of the kite

Zoomed view of homes on the Pacific

Another view

Jerry coming down from the rock

Zoom of the top

Incredible....last one!!

Today we drove about 5 miles north to visit Harris Beach State Park. We passed it on the way to Brookings while driving the motorhome and planned to go back to visit later in our car. I am glad we did, it was fabulous!

Harris Beach features a rocky coastal area and has both day use and overnight sections. Towering above the day use area is a large campground with tent sites, campsites, RV sites hiker/biker sites and yurts. The campground site is forested and has large private sites, a few with great views of the Pacific. The day use segment centers around access to the beach and features a scenic view of Bird Island, the largest island off the whole Oregon coast.

Bird Island is a national wildlife sanctuary and breeding site for such rare birds as the tufted puffin. It and other splendid off shore rocks and sea stacks visible to its left and right are home to seals and sea lions. Jerry climbed to the top of one of the huge rocks and got some great pictures. I enjoyed looking for puffins with my binoculars and just taking in the view. This is another awesome place to visit on the Oregon Coast. Don't miss this one if you are in the area. More later from Brookings.

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