Brookings Harbor

A visit to Azalea Park in Brookings

We saw some flowers but most were not in full bloom, we...

It was a beautiful walk

Awesome flowering tree

More trees just about to bloom

A few weeks and this place will be incredible..

Our next stop was McVay Recreational Area

Some of the houses looked too close to sliding in :-)

The Trees Of Mystery Klamath, CA

Look at the size of Jerry and Ollie next to Paul Bunyan...

The Elephant Tree

Unusual Tree

Ripleys Tree

The Fallen Giant was 300 feet

Looking up

It was a beautiful walk

The Cathedral Tree

They even have weddings here

We saw a lot of huge trees

Almost to the Gondola

The Brotherhood Tree was huge

Ollie looking back at me, not sure if he wanted to get...

It takes you to the top of the trees, it was cool!

Someone passing

Pictures were taken through the dirty glass, sorry they are not better...

Unloading at the top

They had a nice observation deck at the top but it was...

Ollie looking out on the way down :-)

Back home, we are going to miss these sunsets on the beach..

We have had a wonderful time visiting Brookings and the surrounding areas. We will be leaving in the morning heading toward Eureka, CA. I am adding a lot of pictures catching up with some of the places we visited. One of the neatest places was in Klamath, CA. It is called the Trees of Mystery and Sky Trail. We took a ride in a gondola high above the redwoods. They even had signs inviting everyone to take their pets. We were not sure what Ollie would do. He seemed a bit hesitant to get into the gondola, but after that, he calmed down and was even looking out. :-)

The trail to the sky ride was fantastic with huge Redwoods, Spruce and Douglas Fir. One of the most outstanding trees was called the Cathedral Tree. It had nine living trees growing as one into the shape of a natural cathedral formation. They even have weddings there. One of the trails in the park was devoted to the myth of Paul Bunyan, America's larger than life logger from the turn of the century. The cost of admission was $11 each. We enjoyed it much and hope you enjoy the pictures. More later from California.

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