A neat store in Eureka, the men look real but are painted...

Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge

Geese were all over the field

Zoomed view

We saw a ton of deer

The grass was a lush green

I love this one :-)

Ducks were all over the place

Another view


It was a beautiful walk with tons of birds singing in the...

A nice viewing area

Some of the birds we saw

The fresh water area

The salt water marsh area

Another view

The Visitors Center

Horses on the way to Loleta

Loleta Cheese Factory

We watched them make Monterey Jack

Jerry enjoying some of the samples

It was a cool store

They had a beautiful garden in the back for visitors

Picnic area

Another view

A nice place to relax

Another view

The bird area

Another view

It will be fantastic in full bloom

A beauty!

It was a beautiful place to visit

Last one!

This will be our last post from Eureka. We will be leaving in the morning and heading toward Fort Bragg. We plan to do some boondocking at some of the Bureau of Land Management areas so we may not be posting again for some time. I am adding more pictures we took yesterday. We visited The Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge and then took a tour of the Loleta Cheese Factory.

The Refuge was loaded with birds and tons of deer. I wish I had a camera that would zoom close enough to get good bird pictures. I saw a ton of birds with my binoculars but they were too far away to photograph. It was a perfect place to visit if you love birds like we do. It has miles of trails with both fresh water areas and salt water marsh areas.

The Loleta Cheese Factory was only a few miles down the road so we decided to check it out. We enjoyed tasting all the variety of cheeses before deciding which ones to purchase. They were delicious. We watched them making some Monterey Jack and then we visited their beautiful garden area in the back. It was an amazing garden with a picnic area and lots of places to just sit and enjoy. Don't miss this if you are in the area. More later from California.

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