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This morning at exercise class, one of the participants fell and hit her head on something, probably her chair. She couldn’t get up by herself and she kept rubbing the back of her head. Staff members called an ambulance. It arrived just as I was leaving, so I don’t know the outcome. I certainly hope she will be okay.

This afternoon I went to the Center for Healing and Regenerative Medicine for a scheduled for an epidural. Nancy went with me in case I was too unstable to drive. On the way, we stopped at a nearby Waterloo Ice House for lunch. We split a patty melt and got cups of soup. It was good.

Unfortunately, there was a communications glitch between Humana Insurance and CHARM. They told me that my insurance would not cover the epidural because the doctor is not on the insurance company’s approved list. Aarrgghh!! I could have gone ahead with the procedure but the entire cost would come out of my pocket – and my pocket is not very deep. I told them that I would like to take prolotherapy instead but they wouldn’t do it. An assistant said that they will call the insurance company again to try to get the situation cleared up. She promised that she would call me to let me know the result and re-schedule me as appropriate. I’m trying to keep a good thought. :>)

On the way home we stopped at Walmart to get a few things. Then we stopped at the Sprint store so Nancy could have her malfunctioning phone checked. They were able to resolve the issue.

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