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We unhooked and took the trailer over to the RV place to be fixed. They told us that after the roof is glued down it will have to sit inside over night to dry so we will spend the night in a motel. Which we don't care for but you do what you have to do. Not much telling what this will cost because they will have to take the air conditioner off.

While we were there we got to talking to a couple from Texas. They had three great big dogs with them. There RV had developed electrical problems so they were stuck there waiting for it to be fixed. This was there first trip out with there RV and I don't think they were to happy. It looked like it was brand new.

We decided to go ahead and drive over to Deadwood and Sturgis. We went though Deadwood first and decided we wouldn't get out and walk around we would just walk around Sturgis. Deadwood is a cute old west looking town with allot of stores on the main street.

We arrived at Sturgis and this was the worst disappointment we have had. There is nothing there. About two blocks of shops and a few big bars. Guess if the motorcycles aren't there it is dead. So we drove back to Rapid City and ate at Chili's. Found a nice little motel for $59 which for this town is cheap. Every thing else was from $90 up. Mostly up.

Anothe disappointment. We had to buy a new camera and it was set to take pictures with a setting that loaded the pictures with to many GB to put on my blog. We have adjusted it now so I can load any pictures I take from now on but none from today. Sorry!

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