We saw miles of lettuce farms on the way

A beautiful church in Santa Cruz

Tall palms lining the streets

Colorful building

Huge homes in Santa Cruz

We drove on the Santa Cruz Wharf and had lunch

Lots of fresh seafood

Restaurants all the way to the end

Another view

View of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk from the Wharf

We had a great lunch here with a view of the bay

Cool decor! :-)

The view from our table

View of the coast

More warnings!!

Wild flowers were everywhere

Another view

BRAVE surfers riding the waves :-)

The waves were huge

Another view

Info about the area

About the waves

Mark Abbot Memorial Lighthouse

A closer view

It is also a surfing museum

Surfing Memorial

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk


It is a huge boardwalk

With a lot to do and see

We did not indulge in these :-)

We would love to have our grandsons here

Another view

Lots of food with garlic :-)

View of some homes on the way back

Back home, the Goldfinches have found our feeder

They are fighting over the black thistle seed

Western Blue Jay

Last one...Black-Headed Grosbeak, he is a regular visitor now :-)

We had a wonderful day today. The weather has dropped 40 degrees and is in the 60's. We decided to take advantage of this nice weather and drive over to visit Santa Cruz. We are located in a very good location, all the places we plan to visit are only about 30 to 50 miles from us. Santa Cruz was only 35 miles away. It is a fabulous place to visit and we enjoyed it much.

Santa Cruz is situated on the northern part of Monterey Bay about 74 miles south of San Francisco and 30 miles from San Jose. It is a beautiful beach town with palms lining the streets. It was here that Hawaiian royalty first introduced surfing to the mainland--and locals and visitors alike have been riding the waves ever since. Not far from the surf break, music and laughter fills the air at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, the West Coast's last remaining seaside amusement park.

I am adding a ton of pictures to show you all the surfers in the water, the Wharf where we had a great seafood lunch and tons of pictures of the fabulous Santa Cruz Boardwalk and more. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. More later from California.

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