View on the way to Coyote Lake

Coyote Lake

Inside the Park

Info about Mountain Lions in the area

Fees for the campground

Huge camping sites

View Of Coyote Lake

Sandy Beach Picnic Area

View of the Dam

View from the Dam

Deer in the campground

A cool tree house

A beautiful yard on the way back

Roses were all around the yard

Our next stop was the little town of Morganhill

Morganhill Restaurant

Lots of flowers

Barber Shop

We are loving all the Farmers Markets in the area

Fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant and very reasonable

Our last stop was Walmart - I love those trees, not sure...

Closer view

Back home I noticed this tiny Finch, he is a Lesser Goldfinch,...

Today we visited Coyote Lake (also known as Coyote Reservoir) an artificial lake in Santa Clara County, California, located about 8 miles north of Gilroy.

The lake is impounded by Coyote Dam, a 140-foot high, 980-foot long, earth and rock dam built in 1936. We were surprised to see a Dam made with earth and rock only. I have added a picture for you to see. Coyote Lake–Harvey Bear Ranch County Park provides recreational opportunities on 4,448 acres of land surrounding the lake. They also had a couple of campgrounds in the area. The only problem would be getting our 40 foot coach to the sites. Some of the roads are very narrow with lots of curves. It was a beautiful area with lots of wildlife. We saw a couple of deer in just the short time we were there. They also had awesome picnic areas all around the lake. We wished we had packed a picnic after we saw the area. :-)

We are really enjoying all the fresh fruit and vegetables around San Juan Bautista. Everywhere we go we see farmers markets or vegetable stands on the side of the roads. The prices are also fantastic. We purchased artichokes, three for a dollar and strawberries in baskets for $2.00. They even have a 99 cent store where all the fruit and vegetables are 99 cents. It's kind of like the Dollar Stores but with all food items. We purchased fresh asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, snap beans already washed and ready for cooking, and a whole bag of purple onions for only 99 cents each. We will be so spoiled when we leave here we won't like paying normal prices again.

On the way back we decided to take a different route home and drove though a small town called Morganhill, Ca. We are finding after 15 months on the road, we love the small towns the most. :-) I have added a few pictures to show you the area. It has been raining for the past few days, some of the pictures are not as bright as I would like. We are hoping for some sunny days soon. More later from California.

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