Home on the way to Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach

Another view


Wildlife on the 17 mile drive

Golf Course

What a way to golf :-)

Another view

Seals Pupping - we could hear them from the road but they...

Seals on the rocks with their pups, the best I could zoom...

Another view

Crocker Grove Info

Another view

Amazing home Pebble Beach

More homes

One more view :-)

The Lone Cypress


Another view

The Ghost Tree

Another view

Pescadero Point info

Pescadero Point

Another view

Lodge & Shopping area


A cool Rolex

Deer on the golf course

Huge rocks

Huge waves

Last was an awesome drive!!

The last time we visited California we wanted to take the famous 17-Mile Drive through Pebble Beach. They were closed for a golf tournament, so we missed it. The 17 Mile Drive is a scenic road through Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach, California. To access this beautiful area you must enter one of five guard gates in Carmel or Pacific Grove where you pay $9.25 per car. You are also given a brochure with extensive information and a map. There are approximately 20 stops along the well marked route, each with a landmark of interest and paved parking for your car.

We enjoyed seeing the Lone Cypress Tree, the official symbol of Pebble Beach and a frequent fixture of television broadcasts from this area. We saw a lot of seals with their pups but they were quite a distance from us. The main pupping area was fenced off and we were not allowed to even stop the car. We could hear them making a lot of barking sounds as we passed by. One of our stops was to see the Ghost Tree. It is a cypress tree that has all the bark bleached white from the sea spray. I have added pictures from all of the stops we made with the info signs telling you what they are. It was an awesome drive and we enjoyed it much. More later from California.

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