Cute pic of mascots

The office staff greeted us with coffee

Yep, that's our coach down there in the "holler"

It's a good thing we wanted to stay inland for this period of our travels, as the coastal cities are being inundated by the effects of Hurricane Matthew! Our being inland about 200 miles gives us only a little rain and some breezes, so far. As I write this, we just started to get alittle rain, it's Friday early afternoon. Our drive yesterday was pretty easy considering it was pretty much straight south from Mt. Airy, N.C. to Fairplay, which is near Anderson, S.C. We aren't on a schedule for this stay, so we'll get a lot of reading done while the storm passes. It was a mere 235 miles and thankfully a nice day to drive.

Next stop is Augusta, GA and the Pointes West Army resort....

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