Castroville Artichoke Festival

Giant Artichoke Restaurant :-)

We got there just in time for the parade

Ocean Mist

Recycle Bus

Costume made of plastic grocery bags

Beautiful costumes

Another view

There were lots of cars in the show


The 50th Year Float



A cool pink one :-)


A cool white one

The street was packed with people

The cars kept coming

Artichoke Pasta

Fish Tacos

Another beauty

They had tons of stuff for sale

Jerry checking out the hats :-)

Face Painting

Tons of food

Everything with Artichokes

Artichoke Jewelry

A truck made of Artichoke leaves

A cool display

A hanging Artichoke man

The market



Artichoke Burritos, we had one and it was great..


Even cupcakes, we didn't try them :-)


Music played while we ate on the bales of hay seats

Tasty :-)

Here's what they had in them

Our next stop was a HUGE Flea Market

They had all the usual stuff plus a bunch more

They even had birds for sale


Western designs inside the barn

Another view

It was packed with stuff and people :-)

Last one!

Today we visited Castroville, California. It is a small town with the population of around 7,000. They were having their 50th annual Artichoke Festival. They are known as the Artichoke Capital of the World. We arrived just in time for the parade. The parade was packed with old cars, even a pink Cadillac. Jerry loves the old cars so I added a lot of the pictures for you to see.

They had every kind of food you could possibly want. We were not that hungry so we split a artichoke burrito. It was so good we took a picture showing the ingredients so we can make them again at home. They even had artichoke cupcakes. :-) The shopping tents were fantastic.

Our next stop was a HUGE flea market on the way back. It had all the usual stuff and a whole lot more. We had a great day and enjoyed the festival much. Hope you enjoy the pictures. More later from California.

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